Samsung Galaxy J3, smartphone comes with specification one notch more sophisticated than the Galaxy J2, because it has a larger screen size and higher screen resolutions are supported. In addition, the kitchen spur also be strengthened in order to produce faster performance and smoother multitasking performance buddy run many applications simultaneously on 5-inch screen display.

Specifications Samsung Galaxy J3 actually not much different from the Galaxy J5, it’s just that this smartphone has a lower-resolution camera, because the selling price is also much cheaper. Although cheap, but we guarantee quality will not be cheap, because the Galaxy J3 created specifically for entry level market segments by promoting the ability of hardware and software in order to produce the perfect smartphone to be used to communicate and access media online and offline entertainment.

This smartphone has been equipped with an internet connection 4G LTE technology which makes it able to download a file with a speed of 150 Mbps. Not only that, also stored therein 64Bit processor made by Qualcomm, combined Ram large capacity and the latest Android operating system. As a result, the performance will be very fast, and can mate rely on to play the latest HD games, whether online games and offline games smoothly, and does not need to undergo the process lag.

Behind specification carries, apparently the price of Samsung Galaxy J3 priced very affordable. Where the price is not much different from the price of the Galaxy J2 which has a screen size smaller, and a lower resolution camera. Well for those of you who are curious to know the full specifications of this smartphone, pal please refer to our review of the Specifications and Price Samsung Galaxy J3 which we summarize in the following article.

The latest smartphone from the South Korean technology giant, has a 5-inch screen that is optimized sharpness of the screen with Super AMOLED display technology that is capable of removing the natural color and sharp images on the display panel resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. Armed with a high enough resolution, the screen will look perfect when opening a variety of multimedia content, because the density of the screen reaches 294 pixels per inch, and is supported touch screen with 16 million color depth.

Multi touch technology support will make the screen more responsive Samsung Galaxy J3. But unfortunately it has not maximized screen with scratch-resistant screen protector, so prone to scratches if my friend does not add screen guard. Then for the design, Samsung still rely on plastic-based material with a cast body dimensionless length 142.2 mm, width 71 mm, and a thickness of 7.9 mm. As for the overall weight reached 138 grams smartphone.

Samsung provides 3 colors consisting of gold, black, and white. Three colors ready to wrap the body of the Samsung Galaxy J3 which proved to be thinner than the Galaxy J2. For comparison Galaxy J2 has a thickness of 8.4 mm, while the Galaxy J3 is only 7.9 mm. As a result the outer appearance will look more premium, and certainly more solid in your hand. Unfortunately this smartphone still wearing plastic material, and the back cover are made plain without any special texture.

In addition to the price of Samsung Galaxy J3 cheap, Samsung also rely on in terms of design and kitchen runway to attract consumer interest in marketing this new product. Well for the kitchen runway, the existing Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon chipset 410 are believed to be brain processing in running a variety of applications and games that my friend installed into an internal memory of 8GB. As for the speed of the processor carries, reaching 1.2 GHz Quad Core processing technology supported CortexA53 and 64Bit.

The chipset has previously been used by the Samsung Galaxy J5, and proved to be very powerful after a combined capacity of 1.5 GB Ram, and Adreno graphics processing hardware components 306. The combination of the more perfect by the presence of a microSD expansion slot until the capacity reaches 128GB. Then to part the operating system, already installed Android 5.1 with Lollipop brings many interesting features, including Smart Manager feature that allows users to see the rest of memory, RAM, battery life, and security settings.

Sector camera becomes the most important part, for that Samsung provide Galaxy J3 with front and rear camera high resolution. Where to camera on the back side, has pinned 8 Megapixel lens which is capable of producing rich photo shots of color and image detail. To maximize image capture resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels and a video resolution of Full HD 1080 @ 30fps in low light conditions or low glow place, my friend can utilize LED lights flash to increase the brightness of the photo or video recording.

Comparable to the price of Samsung Galaxy J3 is priced more expensive than the Galaxy J2, this smartphone has supported auto focus feature which increases the sharpness of camera shots. Then for the front camera, there is already a powerful 5 Megapixel lenses are ready to mate use to take pictures selfie and communicate via video call. In addition, also provided features that are able to accelerate access to the camera, by pressing the home button 2 times quickly, then it will directly open the camera application.

The ability to access the Internet on the 4G LTE network into one of the advantages of Samsung Galaxy J3. This smartphone can download a file with a speed of 150 Mbps, and 50 Mbps upload, as it supports 4G LTE Category 4. In addition, you can also access the Internet at 3G HSDPA network with speeds up to 42.2 Mbps, if my friend does not get a signal 4G LTE due to network issues that have not been evenly distributed.

Then there is also WiFi 802.11 b / g / n as an alternative access to the Internet in addition to relying on the cellular network. Then to the need to send files and data transfer, Bluetooth v4.1 buddy can rely on, or use WiFi Direct feature. In addition, also provided MicroUSB 2.0 port with support USBOTG technology and GPS technology. Complete enough is not it?, But unfortunately this is not a smartphone equipped with NFC and WiFi Dual Band technology.

For matters of battery life, you can count on a capacity of 2,600 mAh LiIon battery to drain the battery for a full day. The battery standby time reached 330 hours, making it durable enough to meet the power needs of the buddy access the Internet, play games, and other mobile needs. Interestingly, Samsung also includes a feature which ensures super power saving mode battery life of more durable when in an emergency. Then how the Samsung Galaxy J3?

The information mentioned that the Samsung Galaxy J3 has been officially introduced in China. But until now, there has been no official information about the price of Samsung Galaxy J3 in Indonesia, or the official price for the global market. This smartphone is expected to go on sale evenly in early 2016, and Indonesia may be part of the marketing of technologically advanced smartphone’s 4G LTE.

Our predictions, the price of the Samsung Galaxy J3 in Indonesia will be under 2.5 Million or approximately 2 millions. Because the aforementioned Galaxy J3, J5 Galaxy that still carry a higher specification camera, and priced around 2.5 Millions. Surely the presence of Galaxy J3 in Indonesia increased the tight competition homeland smartphone industry, as more and more smartphone 4G LTE technology that we can buy at affordable prices.

Armed with a Samsung Galaxy J3 cheap, and support for 4G LTE technology as well as the Super AMOLED screen technology, of course Galaxy J3 able to compete against cheap artificial Xiaomi smartphones, Lenovo, or other local vendors. In addition, Samsung also offers a high-resolution camera that makes it feasible to use the buddy capture every precious moment. But behind these advantages, it has not yet adopted smartphone apparently shielded screen scratch resistant, and still wearing the body is made of plastic. How, if you are interested in buying?

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