Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S. This tablet offers extremely advanced specification, and is supported Intel processor generation combined six 4GB Ram, as well as system memory type SSD, so that an automatic performance would be very fast and able to compete against premium tablet in its class.
Well, specifications TabPro Samsung Galaxy S can be equated with premium tablet Microsoft Surface Pro, or Apple iPad Pro. In addition, the three premium tablet also offers a very large screen size, and equipped with an external keyboard that can turn it into like a laptop or notebook. Interestingly, Samsung also provides Bluetooth Pen Stylus which will be sold separately. But for the docking keyboard, reportedly will be sold as a package with this tablet.

You do not be surprised if the price of Samsung Galaxy S will be priced TabPro very expensive, because the performance is able to be juxtaposed with a laptop. What’s in it have no kitchen runway Skylike combined Intel operating system Windows 10. Of course, the tablet will be very suitable to support productivity, because Windows 10 offers a lot of office applications and supported cloud storage One Drive. In addition, there are also personal assistant Cortana and a variety of other interesting applications.

In addition equipped with the latest hardware components, the tablet made by Samsung’s Windows 10 also has a premium design made with very thin body, and wear the best materials of high quality. No wonder if the price of Samsung Galaxy TabProS more expensive than a laptop. Well to look further as to what specifications the tablet Windows 10 is, and how much would the price Samsung Galaxy S TabPro the buddy please refer gadgetmagz review summarized below.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S be the gadget Samsung first released in 2016 this. Tablet Windows 10 was introduced officially at CES 2016 in Las Vegas berlasung United States. Samsung offers new tablet with premium body design that has dimensions of 290.3 mm shelf width of 198.8 mm, and a thickness of only 6.3 mm body. While weighing up to 693 grams for the WiFi Only version, and 696 grams for the 4G LTE version.

Samsung does offer this tablet in two versions connectivity, which automatically makes the price of the Samsung Galaxy S TabPro LTE version will be much more expensive than the WiFi version Only. Moreover, this tablet has supported LTE Category 6 connectivity that can download a file to a speed of 300 mbps and upload files reaches 50 mbps. In addition, there is also WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac with MIMO technology and equipped with WiFi Direct fiur, and equipped with NFC and Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity.
Connectivity presented TabPro Galaxy S is very complete. Even Samsung also provides additional accessories such as multiport adapters that will be sold separately. In addition, also provided navigation GPS and Glonass maximized AGPS technology to be more accurate and faster when buddy makes this tablet as a navigation when traveling. Then for part sensor, Accelerometer sensor has been maximized, Hall and Light sensor.
In addition to presenting different connectivity, Samsung also released TabPro Galaxy S with different memory capacities. Where has provided two memory options SSD with 128GB and 256GB sizes. Samsung Galaxy S 128GB TabPro will be much cheaper, but the price remains priced at over 10 Million. Well, the price is very fantastic, but comparable with the ability hardware carries, because there Skylake Intel processor with a clock speed of 2.2 Ghz Dual Core, and Intel HD Graphics GPU powered 515.
Not only that, in the tablet Windows 10 there is also a 4GB Ram that will automatically improve the performance TabPro Galaxy S in running Windows games that require high-performance hardware, such as Adobe Photshop, or other applications that support your producvity. Samsung also provides 2 variants of the Windows 10 operating system, the Home and Pro versions. The possibility of the operating system will depend on how much memory it carries.

Although the tablet is not a device that was created to support the activities of photography since its screen size is very large, but Samsung still optimizing the ability of these tablets by providing a 5 Megapixel main camera coupled Autofocus feature. Similarly, the front camera, which is planted with a 5 Megapixel sensor lens that TabPro Galaxy S users can take pictures selfie and video calls via the Skype application is a mainstay Microft on the Windows 10 operating system product.

Although the camera is not equipped with LED flash, but is more than enough to capture every precious moment when my friend brought these tablets the move. Well buddy when on the move need not worry about running out of battery power, because Samsung provide this tablet with LiPolymer capacity of 5200 mah battery which can reportedly be used for 10.5 hours nonstop. Armed with this TabPro Galaxy S is ready for use as a medium of entertainment exciting and certainly very supportive of everyday activities.

Comparable to the price of the Samsung Galaxy S TabPro expensive, my friend can enjoy a variety of multimedia content on a 12-inch screen with a resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels. The screen is sharp, because the density of the screen up to 216 ppi, and is capable of removing the color more natural thanks to the support of technology Super AMOLED display that has a color depth at 16 million colors. Unfortunately we do not know whether there is a protective anti-scratch on this tablet, or appear innocent as Galaxy S and Galaxy S2. Then how approx price of the Samsung Galaxy S TabPro?

Samsung Galaxy S that we TabPro reports of, mention to the lowest variance with 128GB SSD memory will be priced from 999 euros, or about 1500USD. As for the highest variant with support for 4G LTE and the keyboard will be marketed reach 1,199 Euros or equivalent to 1800USD. Samsung Galaxy S TabPro could be about to change, the article of this new tablet will be available in February.

The tablet has a 2-in-1 function, because my friend could turn it into a laptop with Windows 10 when connecting an external keyboard. Ability is that try to offer Samsung to attract professionals who are confused to find a multifunctional device for supporting productivity and entertainment. Moreover, in it have supported the latest hardware components guarantee performance of this tablet will run very fast. Unfortunately, the price of the Samsung Galaxy S TabPro priced very expensive, and proven to exceed the price of a laptop.