There are at least two types of Samsung Gear S2 released, namely version of Classic and Sport versions. Both watches Samsung is not equipped with cellular connectivity, and still relies on Bluetooth connectivity to connect to smartphones friend have. In fact, Samsung also released Galaxy S2 Gear 3G, but unfortunately not marketed. Although not support 3G, but the functionality Gear pal S2 can still rely on to facilitate communication and the needs of other cars.

Specifications Samsung smart watches Gear S2 is high, and can compete against artificial Smart Watch LG and Motorola. Interestingly, S2 Gear design looks very similar to analogue watches, because it has the shape of a circular screen and do not seem too flashy. But behind the minimalist design, has saved the sophistication of the technology that makes the Samsung Gear smartwatch S2 become one of the best and most advanced at this time.

Charming outdoor display will be offset by the display Tizen OS-based user interface that was developed specifically for the Smart Watch. In it also provided a wide range of interesting features to facilitate access to communications, entertainment, and fitness. Well to look further as to what specifications the Samsung owned watches, listen brief review of the Specifications and Price Samsung Gear S2 to review this article.

As my friend see above, the design of the Samsung Gear S2 Classic and the standard version is much different. If arround choose one of them, then we would choose the Classic version, because the design looks more elegant than the version that impressed standad very sporty. In addition, the dimensions and weight of both of them is also different. Where Gear Galaxy S2 Classic has dimensions of 39.9 x 43.6 x 11.4 mm and weighs 42 grams. As for the standard version has dimensions of 42.3 x 49.8 x 11.4 mm with a weight totaled 47 grams.

Interestingly, Samsung gives the body an anti-rust strong and durable. Bentunya also very thin so it is more comfortable when wearing wrist buddy. Then for the screen size, smartwatch has a screen size of 1.2 inches round with sharpened by technology Super Amoled Display resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. As a result of the touch screen display will be very sharp, because the density of the screen reaches 302 ppi, and will be protected layer of scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

There are unique features that are owned Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 but does not have smartwatch in general, which features rotating bezel. This feature will facilitate in open applications and menus stored in Gear S2. Buddy can simply rotate the bezel that surrounds the screen this smartwatch, then automatically my friend can move from one application to another. Perhaps the features that make Samsung Gear S2 price is very expensive, because to get it we have to spend more than 3 million.

Price Samsung Gear S2 Classic Edition and Standard versions also differ. Because both watches Samsung has a different design, but for exactly the same features. Well other cool feature is the ability to withstand dust and water immersion depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes, thanks to the IP68 certification successfully obtained Samsung Gear S2. So no need to worry buddy wear watches Samsung when it rains, or when swimming.

In addition to providing a touch screen measuring 1.2 inches and rotating bezel, Samsung also equip gear S2 with the home button and the back are placed on the side, so that my friend will more easily operate these smart watches. Then to the battery, carrying capacity 250 mAh battery which can last for two days, and equipped with a wireless charging technology or charging Wireless. So you can simply put on a docking charging gear S2 is provided free of charge at the sales package.

To run all the features and menus that are in watches Samsung, the existing Dual Core 1.0 Ghz processor with Exynos 3250 chipset and 512 MB Ram. Although RAM capacity relatively small, but the performance Gear S2 remains powerful. In addition, also provided a 4GB internal memory with the remaining approximately 1.9 GB of memory, internal memory large partially owned gear S2 is used to store files Tizen operating system. Unfortunately smartwatch is not equipped with a camera and no external memory slot.

Specifications Samsung S2 Gear more complete with the presence of the Bluetooth v4.1 which will be my friend used to connect this smart watch to Samsung device with Android OS 4.3 and above specification, and most do not have the Ram of 1.5GB to be connected smoothly. Additionally, Gear S2 is also compatible with smartphones using the Android OS as long non Samsung 4.4 and above, and most importantly RAM size was at least 1.5GB.

Comparable to the price of Samsung Gear S2 expensive, smart watches also features a very complete supporting sensor. Where existing Accelerometer sensor, gyro, heart rate, and barometer. But smart watches not support GPS, because Samsung just give it to the type of 3G not released. In addition, Samsung also provides NFC connectivity that can be used to support the Samsung Pay payment method, and equipped with WiFi 802.11 b / g / n.

Interestingly, almost all Android already supports Samsung Gear S2, so that all social networking notifications, SMS, or chat application will be displayed on the screen S2 Galaxy Gear. In addition, Samsung also provide features optimized SHealth with heart rate monitor sensor, so that later all fitness activities can be recorded by these smart watches. An example is the monitoring step of the way by monitoring the output of calories, and calculate heart rate pressures.

All the features of existing health at S Health will help all pal activity everyday, and certainly will be more motivate mate to continue to exercise and maintain health. So my friend will not be in vain to spend lots of money to pay the price of Samsung Gear S2 are classified as very expensive. Well for my friend who was curious to know the price of Samsung Gear S2, please refer to the following price list information.

To get smart watches made by Samsung this, man has to spend around 390USD for the Sport version. While the price of Samsung Gear S2 Classic is priced at 450 USD. The price increased quite dramatically, from the pre order price is priced much cheaper, which is about 350USD . Well though have to buy it at a price quite expensive, but smart watches offers a very complete functionality, which facilitates everyday activities pal.

Now that the specifications and price information Gear Samsung Galaxy S2 that our reports from the official website of Samsung. As my friend see above, this smart watches has many attractive features, and supported by a modern and elegant design, so that it can be said the price of Samsung Gear S2 already comparable. Owh yes, once again we remind you, this smartwatch runs on OS Tizen, and reportedly not support iOS devices. But for my friend not to worry, because Samsung are developing the technology in order to gear S2 can run on the iPhone or iPad.

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