CUPERTINO – iPhone 7 will be the most advanced mobile phones coming out this year. How not, in addition to the camera, Apple also plans to eliminate the dependence of people with Jack 3.5 mm.

Although for most consumers would be stiff at the start of use, but this breakthrough has good benefits for humans, as quoted by Business Insider.

1. Creating Device The Thin

People like thin mobile phone! These changes will make the iPhone 7 thinner 1 mm.

2. Clearer Audio Quality

Lightning Connector can support clearer audio than 3.5 mm. As a source said, Apple is working on a Hi-Res Music service.

3. Make The Smart

You can configure your music with Spotify app when you plug in the headphone port lightning. In the modern world such as this, not only the music that we hear, the latest news we can also listen.

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