Google’s latest mobile phone called Pixel is one of the best smartphone of the year. Shown with hardware, features, and the latest software, Google managed to make a lot of smart phone users amazed. Besides Daydream VR and Google Assistant, roughly the features that Google stretcher especially in Google’s latest mobile phone?

Without any great length, the following is a summary of the features in Pixel decent you know.

1. Optimize feature in Application Shortcut

Google show application icons in Pixel is now smarter. Adopting 3D features that Apple introduced Touch, you can now use the features in the application without having to open the application first.

Take the example of Google Maps. Simply press the application some time, you can directly use navigation applications of Google’s mainstay.

Unfortunately, it is still only a few applications are already support this new feature. However, with the passage of time the application developers will integrate these features to the application made by them.

2. Automatically Change Wallpaper Every Day

One of the favorite features in the Pixel Launcher is the ability to select a new wallpaper.

In addition to presenting a more diverse selection of wallpaper, now you can set the wallpaper automatically every day.

With this, the smartphone main screen will always look different and not boring, as quoted from page Trusted Reviews, Thursday (10/20/2016).

Transfer files to the reply message
Google Pixel (Source: Ubergizmo)

3. File Transfer Easier

Want more exist in the world mobile phone market, Google officially introduced its latest smartphone called Pixel.

Shown as a ‘weapon’ new Google to face the onslaught of Apple with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Pixel is a mobile phone that is quite tempting for users hardline iPhone though.

To that end, Google includes adapters named ‘Quick Switch’ in each of the sales package. Simply by connecting your iPhone to Pixel with the use of an adapter that is available, you can instantly transfer a file that is in the iPhone quickly and easily.

4. Extend Battery Power

Worried cell phone battery Pixel does not support your daily life? To overcome this, Google brings some features that the phone battery Pixel yours more durable.

One such feature is the Battery Saver. When this feature is turned on, Battery Saver is automatically activated when the phone’s battery has reached the limit of 5% or 15%, depending on the limit you set.

5. Reply Messages From the Notification Log

With this feature, you can reply to the message via the notification without having to open the messaging application. In addition to easier and faster, this feature can save time. When replying only need to select the option Reply and press send.