Paying job usually does require more work quota. Well, it does not apply to work on this one.

There is a new job with a salary of about 16,000 euros. Interestingly, applicants only need to sleep on the job.

The job vacancies opened by scientists from the Institute for Space Medicine and Phisiology (Medes) in France. They were looking for a candidate for an experiment to spend time in bed for 60 days.

The requirement, candidates must actually perform all activities by lying in bed, without setting foot on the floor though.

Candidates are sought to be a man with good health, aged 20-45 years, not smoking, exercising regularly, and do not have allergies. Medes looking for 24 candidates, and they will receive a reward of 16,000 euros

The candidates ‘sleeping’ These experiments will help scientists to study the effects of weightlessness in a vacuum on the human body.

So, they will be placed in the bed lopsided – less than 6 degrees – with the head slightly below the feet position. In this condition, they have to eat, wash and go to the toilet.

“Candidates must keep one shoulder is the bed or too skeleton,” said Dr. Arnaud Beck, as quoted by the Mirror, Saturday (04/08/2017).

However, scientists warn that side effects are obtained quite risky. They will undergo drastic changes during an experiment. The cardiovascular system to weaken. In addition, muscle mass, bone mass and immune power will be reduced periodically.

“They will also be bent, metabolism and sleep cycle will also be affected,” said Dr. Beck. To anticipate, the candidate will be given a cocktail intake of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory supplements several times a day.

If 60 days have passed, they will spend about 2 weeks to get through the recovery period. The successful candidate will also follow a number of tests to determine whether a given supplements can reduce the effects of weightlessness are undesirable.

Such experiments have actually been done before and claimed success. Now, Medes back in recruiting candidates for the second phase. The plan, the experiment will take place from September to December 2017.

Are you interested?

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