IMac Pro Leaked Specs Revealed

Earlier this week, Apple confirmed that it will update the number of product lines for computational requirements. One of the devices that was revealed by the Cupertino-based company is the presence of the iMac Pro.

Unfortunately, the company has not revealed the specifications of desktop aimed at the professional needs. However, a recent report from Pike Universum, slightly revealing the specs of the iMac Pro.

Quoted from Ubergizmo, Saturday (08/04/2017), this new iMac will be equipped with 16GB of ECC RAM that can be expanded up to 64GB. This specification is higher than the RAM that is embedded on the regular version of the iMac, non-ECC RAM with 8GB capacity.

In addition, this desktop device will also be supported NVMe SSDs with capacities of 2TB and Intel Xeon E3. iMac unconfirmed naming is also touted to use graphics cards from AMD.

Another feature is also rumored to be present in the iMac Pro is the Thunderbolt port 3. According to the plan, this brand-new iMac will be introduced at the end of October 2017 along with the latest models of keyboard. But considering this news is not official, it is likely there will be changes to the specification.

For information, Apple’s decision to present a professional version of the iMac is not separated from the needs of users who want a device with qualified specifications.

“We plan to start creating iMac configuration that is specifically targeted to the needs of professionals,” said Apple SVP of Marketing Phil Schiller some time ago.

Although not revealed the official details, Schiller ensure the device will not be equipped with a touch screen. According to him, the touch screen capabilities not included in the list of capabilities that appeal to professional users.

“They (the professionals) is more interested in other things, such as performance, storage, including the possibility of renewal,” he said.

In addition to the latest iMac, Apple also announced that it has set up the latest version of the Mac Pro in 2018.