After the Galaxy S7, Samsung still has some other smartphones that will be launched this year. One of them is a folding smartphone named Galaxy X.

Reporting from GSM Arena, the account that often leak information from Chinese gadget @mmddj_china, revealed that Galaxy X will slide announced in the third quarter (Q3) 2017. This smartphone will seize the attention of the former more than the Galaxy Note 8.

However @mmddj_china not provide other information such as specifications. @mmddj_china claimed he was a member of the Samsung Galaxy Club in China. He has a pretty good track record. In a separate report, called Galaxy X will be available in two versions of Galaxy X and X1 +.

Furthermore, @mmddj_china also touched on the Galaxy Note Phablet 8. Samsung’s premium, he said, will be available in Q4 2017. However, it is unknown whether that meant Q4 2017 was the announcement or launch on the market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the successor of Note 7, gliding in the past year. But the fate of the Galaxy Note 7 did not last long, since sales permanently suspended after reports the explosion of a number of units.

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