Imagine if you can transfer data from your PC to your Android smartphone or tablet without having to use cables. It was only a dream is not it?

Certainly not. Armed with an application and a WiFi connection, you can transfer multimedia data to deploy the APK with ease.

Of the many existing data transfer applications in the Google Play Store, AirDroid appear as the champion. Various features offered by Sand Studio as the developer of the application.

What the heck is as easy as using AirDroid? Here we present how to transfer data from the PC to the smartphone, and vice versa. Make sure you’ve already downloaded AirDroid app on the Google Play Store.

1. Connect WiFi
Open AirDroid app on your Android device. Previously, make sure the Android devices that are already connected to the same WiFi network with your laptop.

2. Type the IP Address
Once opened, your PC’s IP address information will appear. Type the IP address in the PC browser, and both of them will be directly connected to the server AirDroid.

3. Display
If true, your browser will display the image as below. There, you can access all the features on your Android device from photos to up to the camera.

4. Find the Toolbox
On the right side, you will find a toolbox that can be used to deploy the APK to upload files from a PC to a mobile device.

5. To transfer data from a PC to a mobile device, you just need to click on the icon labeled “Files”, and right click on the file where you want to download followed by clicking the “Download” button.

Easy enough right? Apart from the data transfer function from a PC to a mobile device or vice versa, AirDroid also displays some interesting features such as send SMS from a PC, play music / video stored in mobile devices, see photos, and much more.

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