Facebook is one of the many applications that are installed on the smartphone. With the Facebook application users can now do many things, one of them watch videos of cute and unique shared by other Facebook users.

However, when overactive using the Facebook application, in addition to making extravagant smartphone, consciously or not, your data quota too quickly exhausted.

Well, how to save the Internet data quota when you play Facebook?

Citing Android Pit, will give some tips to reduce the quota usage of data when using Facebook, especially on Android smartphones.

1. Adjust the settings in Facebook Application

This step is the first way to do if you are worried about your Facebook will spend a lot on data. It’s fairly easy to do.

If you like sharing photos and videos on Facebook, maybe it is at the root of the problem borosnya your data quota. Not to mention, the auto-playing videos on the Facebook also makes use of data quota more wasteful.

The fix, go to the Facebook app, tap on the mark of three lines or “Settings” menu in the upper right. Then, scroll down and find the “App Settings”.

Tap the “App Settings”. then you will see various options: a notification, the voice on the app, upload photos in HD, and others. Select and disable “Upload Photos in HD” and the “Upload Videos in HD”.

To turn off auto-play video on Facebook, select the “Auto-play”. Now, you can choose when and how the video will play automatically on your Facebook feed. There is no auto-play selection is done when the user “On Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Connection,” “On the Wi-Fi Connection Only”, or “Never Autoplay Videos”.

2. Enable Data Saver Mode on Facebook

On the Facebook for Android app, there is the option “Data Saver Facebook”. In theory, this menu makes the image size smaller and disable the auto-play video on Facebook. This setting can be found easily on the Facebook app.

Sign in to the Facebook app, tap or tap on the mark of three lines or menu “Facebook Settings” in the upper right. Then, scroll down and find the menu “Data Saver” or “Mobile data”. Then, turn on “Data Saver”.

If you enable the “Data Saver”, you can also choose to turn off Data Saver while on a WiFi connection.

Keep in mind, when you enable Data Saver menu, the option to upload photos and videos in HD quality does not need to be activated. Therefore, you do not need to turn off the setting to upload photos and videos in HD kuliatas.

3. Mobile Data Protection

To save your internet data quota, Facebook is also working with third-party applications. The goal is to control the quota usage data and protect personal information Facebook users.

This application can be found on the “Settings” menu, precisely when you go to the “Mobile Data”. When you select the menu, you will be asked to install an application called Protect Free VPN + Data Manager.

The application will help limit the Facebook application on the use of data in the background / background. This application can also be adjusted to provide a warning when Facebook using too much quota.

4. Facebook Lite

If you really want to save the data but also still want to be active playing up, you can try Facebok Lite application. For your information, Facebook Lite is a lighter version of the Facebook application.

This application is designed to make the user experience better, faster playing up despite slow internet network conditions. Currently, this new application is present in Android.

Good luck yes, I hope you are getting saving data when playing Facebook.

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